Bon Eco Design Workshop with Ruth Gangbar

Earlier this month we got to go and be apart of a brand new workshop up in Tamworth Ontario. It was hosted by Hans and Carolyn of Bon Eco Design. Their respect for nature supplies the guiding principles for Bon Eco's sustainable design and fabrication practices. Inspiration comes from the slower pace of small town life away from distractions. 

Ruth Gangbar provided an amazing menu curated around fire and local food. Together with Hans created a custom fire station to cook each element in a different way. 

We immersed ourselves in their tiny town and learned ways to keep creating sustainably in our fast pace disposable society.  

Ruth really outdid herself with the menu and helping participants style their own edible landscapes as the day progressed. 

Special thanks to Carolyn and Hans and Ruth for having us! 

& To all the vendors involved!

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese, Cloven Farms, Vicki's Veggies, Chef Jay McColl. Forbes Wild Foods